Friday, March 22, 2013

It's not mean that I'm not love u anymore,,

Hey,, I love u so much but I just want to be me,, I have some dreams and I want to make it true,, let me express my own way,, Please don't hate me because of this,, I'll still be with u n live my dreams.

I made this blazer n skirt by myself.

Love this bag :*

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

a Long Day With Dian Pelangi Everywhere :D

I went to Miss Adelia wedding to styling her hijab (by the way she's wearing Dian Pelangi dress) and I found some Dian Pelangi lovers,, Yeaaaaaay (^_^)

I'm wearing Dian pelangi "Jane Blouse" n Scarf.

Miss Adelia wearing Dian Pelangi "Abaya Tenun Songket" n dress.

They are wearing Dian Pelangi "Coat Tenun Songket"

Mrs. Monalisa Januar wearing Dian Pelangi "Coat Tenun Songket",, I always love her style :*

After the wedding,, langsung cuuussss buat ngurusin Dian Pelangi Fashion Show. Me with the model n my friend, Tuti. A very tiring day but I love n enjoy it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

I Heart U Luanna,,

She's Luanna,, she's a girl from Peru but live in New York,, She's a fashion student,, I really love her personal style soooooooo much,, really inspiring me. I always look her style from her blog and lookbook

Beberapa stylenya bisa diterapkan buat kamu-kamu yang berhijab,, tapi pastinya dengan beberapa penyesuaian seperti "no legging". Well,,, selamat mencoba :*

Thursday, March 14, 2013

As Time Goes By,,

Scarf and pants by Dian Pelangi,,, Zara top gift from Dian Pelangi :D thanks cantik,,,

Love this glasses necklace,, Love Love :*

I Heart Comics,,,

Dari kecil saya suka banget baca comic,, belajar gambar pun awalnya niru yang ada di comic,, lebih suka ke comic jepang sih sebenernya,, sampe sekarang pun kadang nyokap n suami suka geleng2 kepala kalo saya masih doyan baca comic,, kaya anak SD katanya,, by the way apa jadinya klo comic ada di fashion,, bakalan seru pastinya karna 2 hal yang saya suka jadi 1. Berhubung saya penganut aliran "Street Style" jadi beberapa contoh dibawah "nge-Street" semuanya,,, hehehehe :D

Love her shirt,, cool,,,

 For the girly look,,

 Mix it with your jacket girls,,,

 Comic skirt,,, Wooow,, berani pakai?

Gimanaaaa? tertarik buat nyoba,,, Yuuuuuk hunting "Comics" sekarang :p

Monday, March 11, 2013

I Heart my Rolling Stones T-shirt,,,

I bought this T-shirt in bangkok and the price is very cheap,,, and this is one of my favorite.

 By the way,,  I made this "Star Blazer" by myself,,, heart it so much :*

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Amazing You,,,

He is my best friend, my brother, my ex-boyfriends, my bodyguard, my leader,,, We are soooo different, I always argue with him about everything,, little thing or big. Sometimes I feel he's so annoying,, but I love him so much,, don't know why. He always understand me and I hope he always love me just the way I am,, He is my Husband,, Ikmal Hudzaifah.

 Hahahaha,,, I take this picture at Paralayang, Bogor. I love his pants,,

 Our prewedding photo,, this one is my favorite.

Amazing You by Abdul and The Coffee Theory,, one of our (me n hubby) favorite song.

It's your smile,
Your face, your lips that I miss,
Those sweet little eyes that stare at me
And make me say,
I'm with you through all the way.
'Cause it's you
Who fills the emptiness in me,
It changes ev'rything, you see,
When I know I've got you with me

I'll Be Seeing You,,,

Old songs, old fashion,,, I grew up with both of them,,, Something timeless,,,

I'll be seeing you,, love this song and all the versions of this song. Lagu ini pun pernah menjadi salah satu soundtrack film favorite saya "The Notebook". Yeaaah someday we'll discuss about that movie.

I made this blouse by my self,,

Monday, March 4, 2013

Just the way I am,,,

Tutu Skirt + Sneakers + Aviator + Cam necklace = Me (^_^). I try to get some vintage look,, Does it work? By the way,,, I Heart my new watch,,, so vintage.

 My lovely stuffs,,

 I made this Tutu skirt by my self,, by the way the t-shirt is gift from Dian Pelangi,, love the print. Thanks :*

New glasses,,  I was a little bit bored with my old one,, but I still love u,, I swear :p

Friday, March 1, 2013

Good Life n One Day,,

Really love this song,, don't know why this song always bring me in a good mood,, First time tau lagu ini gara-gara liat trailer film "One Day" oooooh,, I fall in love too with "One Day", I love Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway and the story of course. So sweet and dramatic,, ternyata untuk mendapatkan cinta aja butuh waktu bertahun-tahun and gak selalu happily ever after,,

Good Life by One Republic

By the way,, I love Emma n Dexter style in this movie,, simple n vintage. Love the jacket, the dress, the glasses and so many,,,